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I’d convinced the misses to let me have a weekend off and allow me to chase the local deer herd around our home town of Glen Innes and with it being my first rut I wasn’t all that sure what to expect, so I set off well before sun up chasing the deepest croak I could hear and the bucks we’re really going off that morning.

The fog had hung around and keep them out a bit later. I finally closed the gap on a deep croak only to realise there were two bucks with a mob of does and they were both respectable heads.

Unfortunately I was a little closer then I thought and the 130gr Speer flat nose projectile out of my 30.06 sailed clean over the top of the better of the two bucks.

I waited twenty minutes or so and let things calm down and set off again. I glassed some deer over on the next hill and decided to put in a stalk and as I closed the gap a spiker and doe busted me and took off up the hill and then the big fella let out a few deep croaks. As the wind was in my favor and couldn’t smell me when I poked my head around the nearby blackberry bush the big bloke showed himself and so I let the 30-06 go to work and successfully bagged my first rutting buck.

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