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Hi, I’m Bella and with a family like mine I was pretty much born and raised to be a hunter. I am girl from a small town with big ambitions and an even bigger family who all love hunting.

I have hunting on all three sides of my family (confused yet??) yeah well, I promise they all love me. On my mum’s side I am a third-generation hound hunter, on my dad Cervi side I am a third generation and on dad herons side of the family I am fourth generation hound hunter. So, does this make me a tenth-generation hunter?!

I’ve been hunting since I was a little tacker and I have loved it ever since. I got my first gun last year for my birthday and I got my licence, don’t worry. I have only had three shots out of my 308 and third one was the one I shot my deer.

I was woken up early, way too early if you ask me. The chatter of blokes round the campfire and the sound of dogs drifted through my swag and I launched into action. We had breaky packed up camp and squished into the car. It was at this moment I realised I could shoot my first deer today.

We were at our spot, located in a saddle and awaiting the sound of the hounds. I was so excited when dad said he could hear them and it was time to bring out the big guns! The hounds came so close to where we were I could almost hear their feet on the ground, but then my hopes were lost as the voices got quieter and they had turned and were now heading away from us. After a close call with one of the other crewmembers, the deer did a big loop and it was heading back toward us. The dogs were pushing it hard and the deer bailed in the gully below us. It was time, dad Heron guided me down the gully below us to where the deer was. As we got closer I got a bit nervous, but dad Heron was there to save the day and talked me through it. Then when the stag looked at me and only then I knew I had to shoot it. He was a little spikey, but it was mine.

My gun has open sights, so it made it a bit tricky (because I am still getting used to them) but I hit him right in the middle of his chest! He ran past us and fell only a few meters away! We got some photos and I was blooded (that certainly wasn’t pleasant), we removed the head took the meat and walked back up the gully to find the crew.

My next goal is to try and shoot one bigger than both my dad’s! I have already managed to get a deer before mum!

I can’t wait to get back out there into the bush and get my next one!

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