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Venison kebabs


• 400g of diced Venison back strap, eye fillet or Rump.
• red onion cubed.
• red capsicum cubed.
• zucchini cubed.
• pineapple (optional).
• Skewers.


You can mix raw venison in a marinated sauce before you put on the skewers this could be Rum marinade: 3 tbls rum 2tbls sweet chili 1 tbls sweet soy sauce garlic and ginger to taste BBQ marinade: 3tbls bourbon 3 tblsp BBQ sauce 2 tabls tomato sauce and garlic.


1. Thread diced ingredients onto skewers alternatively salt and pepper the skewers.
2. Heat an oiled grill plate and cook for around 3 to 4 minutes each side or until vegetables have a char grilled look.

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