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Venison pizza


• Pre made pizza base with tomato paste
• Venison back strap Sliced 250-300g
• 1 Tomato sliced
• Pumpkin sliced 150g
• Half green capsicum sliced
• 1 onion sliced
• Handful of Baby Spinach
• Handful or Two of Mozzarella cheese

To make a more gourmet pizza add your favourite toppings like mushrooms olives in step one and you could choose to marinade then venison (around 15 minutes) before frying off in a sweet soy, sweet chilli etc.


1. Spread a small layer of cheese and baby spinach around the prepared pizza base followed by the tomato, pumpkin and capsicum add some more cheese on top with a little bit of salt and pepper place into a 180 degree oven for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.
2. Meanwhile fry off the onion in a hot pan add the thinly sliced venison and cook until med rare
3. Pull the pizza out of the oven and add then onion and venison (if you want add more cheese)
Ready to eat

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