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Rolled Rusa Backstrap


• 500g cut of backstrap (bigger or smaller if you need to depending on how many people you are feeding!)
– Your preference of dry rub
• 3 x rashers of bacon.
• 1 x jalapeño
• 1 x birdseye chilli
• 2 x garlic cloves
• 4 x tablespoons of cream cheese


1. Butterfly back-strap and lay on top (cut side up) of the bacon rashers.
2. Cover one half of the inside of the back-strap with a layer of cream cheese.
3. Slice chilli, jalapeño, and garlic and evenly spread over the section coated in cream cheese.
4. Slowly roll the backstrap and pin closed with toothpicks.
5. Dust with desired dry rub.
6. Cook at 180 degrees until you achieve desired internal temp and/or bacon is crispy on the outside.

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