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Tyler Ryan - The Endless Pursuit

Saturday the 9th of July 2022, me, my brother (Zac Ryan) and good mate Drew Skilling went up bush ambitious to shoot a stag off of the hounds so we headed up for a 3 man hunt, it was a misty
day but the deer sign was everywhere. by Tyler Ryan

Our journey began and we walked the dogs in, they were howling and ready to run off, they could smell the scent of deer and were eager to chase after them. We unclipped the dogs, they launched over the mountain. Within 5 minutes they spread, majority of the dogs went off the other side of the ridge.

With Drew being hard-working, enthusiastic and passionate about the hunt he followed them and got in position. My brother and I went the other side, following the other 2 dogs, Chester Boi and Gussy. After 30 minutes of chasing them, crossing a river and running up a hill, trying to get in front to be ready, we heard Chester Boi and Gussy screaming consistently, Instantly we knew they were bailed, our hearts raced and adrenaline kicked in as we sprinted through the thick scrub, across the deep hum dinging river to get to them then as we crept in the deer broke bail. We saw
it run off through the corner of our eyes at first we thought it was 15 inches as we could only see the beams of the antlers, Chester Boi and Gussy sprinted after it, through the blackberries and up the river anxious to get the job done. 10 minutes later the Stag ran up 1k, they were bailed again, and this time we were there, getting the job done!

We ran through the blackberries and crossed the river once again, it’s endless pursuit with us so we pushed through The dogs were only 50 meters from us, they were screaming, as we snuck up through the thick bush we saw Chester Boi on the right and Gussy on the left, consistently letting off a bark and making the stag keep still. We couldn’t see anything but it’s neck, we saw it
look left and right. I put my rifle up knowing it was safe to shoot as no dogs were behind it. I pulled the trigger at the only visible view of it, the neck. The stag dropped, my heart was racing, pumped that a stag was shot, we ran up to it and saw it was much bigger than a 15 incher, instantly we screamed, and more adrenaline kicked in, words cannot comprehend the feeling we had after seeing it in full vision.

A beautiful, heavy, thick, perfectly even 32 incher, that will be hard for us to top but it’s an endless pursuit. Chester Boi and Gussy did well to start this monster of a stag, and ultimately led to a day I will never forget! I’d like to give a huge thanks to the HHH boys for helping, and guiding me throughout the year, teaching me a few things. Without them, pursing and claiming this beautiful stag would of never happened, even though a few of the boys weren’t there, they were celebrating it anyways, and was a big day for the HHH crew.

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