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No.78 (Jul/Aug) Issue 4 Vol. 15

Whats in the Mag:

• Clint Collins takes us on adventure into some New Country where he manages to shoot a big Sambar Stag rock hard in velvet.
• Ben Smith’s never give up attitude leads his to a gigantic free-range Red Stag.
• Mariska closes the deal on a big coastal Sambar Stag.
• Bruce Isles takes us on a 30km stalk for a cracker South Coast Rusa Stag.
• Ben explains how persistence paid off when he and his mate Rob fluffed the big one and went back to find him in a similar location.
• Shannon Ludekens tells us about her long weekend on the hounds.
• Nathan Watsons prize after a three-year Hog Deer obsession.
• Peter Burke warns us about the “F” word.
• Gerard Abrams is living the dream.
• We explain a little bit about what we know when it comes to rutting sambar stags, a few pointers that might help the new and less experienced hunter bag a nice trophy.
• In deer of the world Murray Thomas gives us an insight into the origins and distribution of Sika Deer.
• The Story that can’t wait…. Jackson Vukic ventures to NZ with his grandfather and shoots a lovely fallow buck.
• Russ Cornall “Makes it all happen” again in part 2 of his NZ adventures.
• What do College Jobs and Grizzly charges have in common? Let Billy Molls explain.
• Steven Erbland puts a Hungarian Fallow Buck down in 40 yards with his bow while hunting with Passion and Prey Hunting Services.
• Warts and all, the next part of Gavin Lewis’s African adventure.
• Andrew Jeffery joins our kitchen and shows us how to cooks up Sous Vide Venison Backstrap.
• Plus all the regular features.