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2021 – No.86 (Jan/Feb) Issue 6 Vol. 16


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What’s in the Mag:

Ben Gill’s awesome cover photo this issue is a credit to his skills as a hound man and a hunter. The photo clearly shows that in a situation like this the only thing this sambar stag has to fear is the hunters rifle.

• Here is proof that letting them go and letting them grow can and does come around in a full circle, Wildman Anthony Cervi photographed a wide mid 20’s” sambar stag in late velvet a few years back only to bump into each other again and get the job done on this mature High Country Giant
• Bruce Isles and friends shoot some lovely mature rusa stags and a MONSTER hybrid sambar rusa cross during the 2020 rut in Southern NSW
• Our newest team member Josh Haines tells us about his hat trick on red stags in South East South Australia taking some lovely trophies
• Charlie Muscat is not alone with his sambar disease, many of us will relate to his story and how he finally broke the dreaded sambar curse
• Speaking of addictions Clayton Mcleod fills us in on how he spent $40,000 in the quest to take his first chital stag, I hope it’s the first of many!
• Hunting regrowth can and often produces the goods as in this case when Tony Johnson bumped into a lovely trophy sambar stag
• It’s funny how quickly a hunt over hounds that’s not exactly going in your favor can change, Paul Vereris was in the right spot at the right time when this absolute beast of a stag headed his way
• Bethanie Nicholls passion for the sport is clear and her reasons for hunting are ethical and in our opinion the right reasons
• Gerard Abrams living the dream as always hunts the fallow rut and takes a nice buck in the process
• We don’t know anyone else who has put the time or research into the history of deer in Australia as Aaron Grant. In this issue Aaron explains some facts about the history of chital in Australia, the release points and where they have and have not been successful in adapting to our harsh unforgiving environment
• Mule Deer, one of my favorite hunts! Is the deer species we cover in our deer of the world feature this issue
• Cody Gearon tells us about his second try at hunting tahr in the south island of New Zealand, it’s amazing how two hunts can have two totally different outcomes, I guess that’s a big part of why we do this
• Becoming more and more popular with Aussie hunter is the Black Bear hunt, Jesse Croke and his partner take us to North America hunting bears where they have some close encounters with a lot of local wildlife on their adventures
• Erich Mueller once again takes us hunting somewhere different that most of us would probably not hear about, in this issue he is hunting a variety of species in the Wild Baluchistan
• Long time support of Wild Deer Matt Warner takes us hunting with Summer Hill Safaris in South Africa where he bags a nice selection of quality animals
• It’s Cam Barrett turn to do the cooking this time around, Cam cooks us up some Game Meat Sausage Rolls

All this and more in Issue 86 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your hard or digital copy today!!

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