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E-Mag: 2020 – No.85 (Nov/Dec) Issue 5 Vol. 16


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Issue 85 Volume 16, No.5

What’s in the Mag:

Our cover photo is of Gary Innis pausing for a moment on the long carry out after taking his latest addition to his impressive Otago free range red stag collection. All hunted and taken with Chris McCarthy of Lake Hawea Hunting and having photographer Steve Couper tag along was a great asset to this hunt

• Check out Shaun Hutson’s crackin sambar stag and hear all about how he came unstuck when Shaun entered his home turf
• Pausing for one last look back over his shoulder before he disappears is Cam Johnsons photo of a big chital stag that not many of us could pass up
• Joel Fulton’s drawing of a spot in the Blond Bay Ballot hunt puts him on Snake Island where he takes a lovely trophy
• Hard work equals rewards… is what Brock Hastings tells us and has the proof to prove it
• Why not spend your next birthday hunting with Nick from NC Trophy Hunting like Karl Lezius did, I guarantee it will be one of your most memorable birthdays and hunting trips!
• What Dean Pana shows us is that if your confident of your shot do not give up looking, after many stressful hours I am sure Dean turns up his double drop tine treasure of a rusa stag
• Geoff Fry shoots a nice sambar stag on a lake Eildon tinny trip
• Do yourself a favour and read Jackson Ward’s story, so many of us will relate to this and know exactly how he feels and in life what is really good for us
• This issues deer of the world would be somewhere on most of our “bucket list” of deer we would like to hunt, the whitetail deer
• A Swarovski Spotting Scope can save you so many miles when you let your eyes do the walking, two Aussie Brothers get high on tahr as Gerard Abrams tells the story
• Gary Innis’s Otago Stag Dynasty Part 2 goes with our cover photo, trust me I’ve been there and this is as good as deer hunting anywhere else that I’ve been in any country around the world
• Crimpy’s hunting at the speed of light
• Dirty Mike hits the deck in part 2 of Chris McCarthy’s North American Dall Ram hunt where his client takes a really nice ram and a lovely Mountain Goat
• The Siren Call of Eternal Ice puts Erich Mueller in the arctic circle on a Polar Bear hunt
• Gavin Lewis knows how to tell a good story, this story in one of many that will appear over the coming issues of Wild Deer about his hunts in Africa, Gemsbok is his target animal on this adventure
• Cummo prepares us a Deer Hunters Wellington for this issues recipe

All this and more in Issue 85 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your hard or digital copy today!!