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E-Mag: 2021 – No.88 (May\ Jun) Issue 2 Vol. 17


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What’s in the Mag:

On the cover this month we introduce Bethanie Nicholls. Beth is looking after Wild Deer’s Social Media now as Penny has moved on to more important time consuming management role with magazine layouts and editorial duties. We wish both Penny and Beth all the best. The story of how Beth shot this fallow buck is on page 36 in this latest issue of Wild Deer Magazine.

• Our major story and winner of the Swazi Rifleman Jacket goes to Emma Sears for her story “Sienna and the Stag” when Emma got out for her first hunt since having Sienna and shot an absolute giant sambar stag.
• The Covid buck is a story by Dan Hall about so many missed opportunities due to Covid then to finally get out a shot a 250+ monster fallow buck.
• Peter Burke’s “Lighten Up” should give the readers a few laughs, it’s about ageing and the need to lighten your load to get the job done.
• Five years in the making is Scott Bevans quest to shot a nice red stag.
• After a hunt with the legend Paulie Boag, Sebastian fills us in on his passion for the Outdoors.
• Nathan Vella fills us in on the 28” sambar he shot in Wild Dog Gully.
• As far as hound teams go we have all had one, may not be directly yours but that special hound that time and time again who gets it done, this issue Dean Wheeler tells a few stories about Bart.
• Peter Burke was running Hunter Education Courses and Sharna fills us in on how she managed to get a group of females together to do the course.
• Don Rhodes try’s is hand a bit of Poetry and has done a pretty good job for a deer hunter.
• We take a look at what Pagey has been up to making a few different pieces out of cast antlers he has lying around.
• If you want a giant free range red stag Chris McCarthy is your man, let’s take a look at the roaring season of 2020.
• Hooking a brother up, we were a little short on NZ stories due to the no travel Covid situation and one of my best mates came through with the goods and great tahr story, only to tragically have his life taken in the weeks following. Aaron Kent I’ll miss you mate so many good times and laughs. Biggest love to Karla, Josh and family.
• We take a look into the Wildlife Conservation program Wild Deer has partnered with in Iran.
• Taiga Outfitters owner Adrian Skok takes us on the big Whitetail buck hunt where he manages to shoot Chubbs.
• A dream hunt, a Mid Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan the Erich Mueller embarks on, this one is set in a pretty wild place!
• Crimpy takes us through Africa, this story has some great photos.
• With Blistered Elbows Gavin Lewis get the job done on a trophy Red Hartebeest.
• Our Deer of the world is the might North American Elk

All this and more in Issue 88 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your hard or digital copy today!!