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2021 – No.87 (Mar/Apr) Issue 1 Vol. 17


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What’s in the Mag:

• Jake Radnidge takes us to far North QLD on a chital hunt with the legendary chital guide himself Nick Cherepanov from NC Trophy Hunting
• Just how we like them Jae Derbyshire shoots a big wide sambar stag with massive brow tines
• We get amongst them with Chris Smith and his brother Peter
• When things aren’t going your way or as planned Penny enlightens us on how a positive attitude can turn your day around for the better
• Daniel Barr tells us about his Pre Iso stag
• When it rains it pours, Cam Barrett takes us on a QLD red deer hunt
• Tougher than most Bethanie Nicholls walks us through just how tough sambar deer are.
• It’s a double surprise for Daniel Mitchell on the mighty sambar
• Gordan gives us the North East Experience
• Pat Barrett takes us red deer hunting in Canterbury NZ
• For something different Larry Oakley tells how Old Hunters and big Buck never die as he goes hounding hunting Whitetailed Deer in the states
• Matthew Scott takes a mix bag of critters as he hunts Oregon USA
• The As wild as Wildmen get, Gerard Abrams travels to the arctic circle and heads off with a backpack in search of the mighty Musk Ox.
• Enrich Muller takes our readers on a Uganda Safari
• On his never ending African Quest Gavin Lewis hunts the mighty Sable in southern Africa
• Our recipe for this issue is Sarah Lupton’s Crumbed Venison Schnitzels
• We take a closer look at the new Swarovski Optik ELRange TA, these are an incredible piece of gear!
• Our Deer of the issue is the Blacktailed Deer from North America, a smaller close cousin to the Mule Deer

All this and more in Issue 87 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your hard or digital copy today!!

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