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Windriver Jacket


Using AEGIS® Windshield fleece we’ve created the most breathable and completely windproof jacket available. What does this mean? Quite a lot. Especially considering under heavy activity, your body can perspire at least 1 litre of water per hour.

Features include amazing deep pockets for your stash, plus a domed and touch taped chest pocket. The hood, based on our original Tahr hood, has a wired peak and excellent peripheral vision. And it’s detachable. When you need that extra leg movement on the hills, side vents are zippered to open. The main zip is a big chunky YKK10 Vision two-way. The Windriver is the best garment you will own, whether on the farm, in the bush or downtown.

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  • Amazing deep pockets for your stash
  • Domed and touch taped chest pocket
  • Detachable wired peak hood for peripheral vision
  • Zippered side vents for when you need that extra leg movement on the hills
  • Big chunky YKK10 Vision two-way main zip

Windshield AEGIS® 3 Layer Swift

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