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Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures - Issue 89

What’s in the Mag:

On the Cover this issue we have Henry Lohr with his massive sambar stag, this is also a feature article “Hunt for the Mega Stag” and the winner of this issues Rifleman Jacket proudly sponsored by Swazi. It’s a pretty epic adventure of Henry and Anthony “Wildman” Cervi so be sure to read that one.

  • Bow Hunting Coach Brad Murphy takes an awesome sambar stag with a rifle and explains in his words how we are all hunters no matter what the method
  • Brad Dugins article, “for the love of hounds” is a ripper, Brad has what we think it the right attitude when it comes to hound hunting.
  • Long time contributor Jonathan Davies takes a lovely hard velvet fallow buck in Back Shed Fallow
  • Keen young hunter Josh Haines tells the tale of how he harvested a chitla stag lost it and with his never give up attitude was able to locate and reteive his trophy
  • I believe hunting can create life moments, moments we never forget, we hear about Josh Londeros journey as a hunter growing up and the satisfaction he now gets after introducing his children to this way of life
  • Cam Barrett speaks from the heart and tells us how Hunting is great for our mental health
  • Getting drawn out as an emergency in the Hog Deer ballet has it’s positives as Daniel Mitchell explains on his eventful adventure.
  • Harrison Pugh’s story on a water buffalo titled filling the freezer, if you have ever had a water buffalo on the ground in front of you then you know you’d need a big freezer!
  • Chris McCarthy’s story “the Roaring Season” from issue 88 is completed with a magnificent display of free range red stag trophies Chris’s clients took in the 2020 roar
  • Andrew Morrison also has a post covid story to share with us hunting the NZ Alps with Stacey Anderson of NZ Hunting Safaris
  • Larry Oakley remenises about his childhood and wells our readers about the Croydon School House Hunting Game
  • Possibly the most accomplished rusa hunter Dean Pana pays tribute to his friend Housin “Soudy” Golabchi, Soudy took some incredible trophies over his lifetime and help many records, one being his Marco Polo Argali rams.
  • Anyone who has hunted sheep understand what someone needs to put thiem self through to harvest one sheep let alone end up with the collection Soudy aquired over his lifetime.
  • Daryl Crimp keeps us amused this time with Africa to Kiss your sister, another engaging read
  • And Gavin Lewis’s African adventure continues, this time with an exceptionally excellent Eland trophy
  • Our deer of the world this issue is the Mighty North American Moose put together by Josh Rafin
  • We also have an article about hearing protection you dont want to miss – “For your ears only”

All this and all the regular features as well as some fantastic new products on the market, Grab your hard or digital copy today!

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