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Issue 79 Volume 15, No.5

Whats in the Mag:

• Dean Pana proves he is still the king of BIG south Coast rusa stags
• Geoff Fry fills both his tags on Snake Island during the extended season ballot to prove good management is working for both the animals and the hunter
• Sean Street takes us on his first fallow rut experience where he takes a beautiful chocolate coloured buck
• A step by step explanation on why we all should take our kids hunting by Jacquii Ferling
• Matthew Eland talks us through the frustrations on bowhunting when you target one particular animal and the joy of success
• Luke Stevens is hot on the tail of a roaring rusa stag when a 30” sambar steps out.
• It’s not all about killing them as Jamie Stevens explains
• Cam Barrett’s bowhunting rusa adventure pay’s off big time
• Gerard Abrams talks about temptations as a hunter.
• When Wild Dogs attack – some very graphic photos captured on Josh Rogers trail cams
• Our deer species we discover this month is Chinese Water Deer
• David Reid – (cover Shot) talks about Otago Royalty and how special these free range red deer really are.
• Daryl Crimps comical adventure on sika in NZ and a meat animal called mince
• Billy Molls takes a couple of Aussie boys out on the Alaskan tundra after barren ground caribou.
• Kevin McNair strikes gold when he finally draws a big horn tag after 15 years of trying.
• Harry Tennant tells us who was really the king of the Zimbabwean Savannah
• Plus all the regular features.

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