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Subscription Terms

Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures Magazines Subscription Terms and Conditions

These subscription terms and conditions were last revised in July 2019

  1. Introduction
  2. Terms of delivery
  3. Postage
  4. Privacy
  5. Subscription cancellations & refunds
  6. Special circumstances cancellation & refund terms
  7. Billing and payment methods
  8. Contact details


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1. Introduction

Wild Deer Magazine ABN 78 693 508 157 owns, publishes, and operates the following magazines, brands, and websites:




Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures

2. Terms of delivery

2.1 Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures magazine are published at the following frequencies:

  • 6 times per annum

2.2 Please allow between 8 – 12 weeks for delivery of your first magazine/s to the above magazine subscriptions.

2.3 Once your subscription commences, deliveries can be expected every 6 to 8 weeks (approx.) although Wild Deer reserve the right to vary the publishing and delivery dates.

2.4 Note that the delivery date of the first magazine is determined by the date on which you order and the date on which the next available issue is printed. This may be up to 8 – 12 weeks before the scheduled on sale date.

3. Postage
3.1 Any errors made in providing the correct delivery address are the responsibility of the purchaser and Wild Deer is not liable for any consequences if incorrect information is provided.

3.2 If you are a subscriber and you change your address or any other relevant details you must notify Wild Deer. To change a delivery address, Wild Deer may require up to 8 weeks notice. Wild Deer is not liable for any consequences of your failure to do so, including but not limited to subscription issues being sent to an incorrect address. Wild Deer is not obliged to re-send returned mail or undelivered mail due to the subscriber’s failure to provide the correct address details.

3.3 Returned mail and undelivered mail, through no fault of the subscriber, may be re-sent by Wild Deer, at our discretion.

4. Privacy

4.1 Wild Deer is committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. As part of normal daily operations, we may collect your information including but not limited to first name; surname; birth date; residential or professional address; billing address; shipping address, telephone number; email address.

4.2 You can read the complete Wild Deer Privacy Policy at http://www.wilddeer.net.au/privacy-policy/

5. Subscription cancellations and refunds

5.1 Subscription purchases are considered final and are non-refundable.

5.2 Wild Deer is not required to provide a refund for change of mind.

5.3 Wild Deer will consider replacement or partial refund of a single issue if faulty, however, we will not accept fault for Australia Post’s handling and placing of our products in letterboxes, post boxes or other unlisted mail collection points.

5.4 Wild Deer may, on a case-by-case basis and at our sole discretion, consider a partial refund for compassionate reasons or in special circumstances. In order to seek a Special Circumstances cancellation or refund, the subscription holder or a family member must contact the Wild Deer subscription team via:

Email: info@wilddeer.com.au

6. Special circumstances cancellation and refund terms

If a Special Circumstances refund is granted as per clause 5.4 the following terms will apply:

6.1 If the subscription was purchased directly from Wild Deer:

  1. Wild Deer will only refund the balance remaining on your subscription. Issues already delivered or dispatched will be deducted from the total at their full cover retail price.
  2. In the case of a gift subscription, the balance will be refunded to the original purchaser and not the gift recipient.
  3. If the credit card used to make the original payment is no longer valid, for example, if it has expired, a cheque payment will be issued. Cheques may take up to four weeks to be processed.

7. Billing and payment methods

7.1 Wild Deer accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, American Express and cheque. If you are unable to make payment via these Payment Methods, please contact the Wild Deer Magazines subscriptions team direct on:

Email: info@wilddeer.com.au

7.2 Discounts and gifts with purchase or any other special offers are only valid for the initial subscription period.

7.3 You must have a valid Payment Method to subscribe to Wild Deer Magazine.

7.4 Recurring payment subscriptions will continue without interruption, until you choose to cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will continue to receive magazines delivered through to the end of your last billing period. We do not provide refunds for partial billing periods for recurring subscriptions.

8. Contact details

For further information relating to Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures Magazine, please contact Wild Deer:

Email: info@wilddeer.com.au


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