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Sambar Deer - Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures

Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine

Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine had its origins back in 2004-2005 when its creator Daniel Burke decided to try and enter the recreational hunting magazine market with a magazine aimed specifically at deer hunters-photographers. Essentially, he was trying to get as many people to share their adventures either by photos or with stories and it has gone from strength to strength in the ensuing years. In recent times, the number of women getting involved has increased dramatically as well as having a very healthy input from overseas readers.

Hunting, and deer hunting in particular, has had a massive spike in participating members in recent years and you only have to look at the photos gracing the pages of the Wild Deer Magazine to see that the vast majority are a younger generation of men and women. Through the magazine, they are essentially sharing their photo albums with the world.

One of the enduring and popular parts of the magazine is the section dedicated to children. Daniel’s father Robert has a column each edition which he always ends with, ‘Take the Kids.’ The magazine has a big emphasis on involving the kids at a young age, and in particular, educating them correctly in firearm use.

Firearm safety is a common theme in stories and items for review are regularly along these lines, whether it be high visibility clothing, personal safety beacons or regulated educational courses. This will continue to be a major part of the magazine.

Wanting to give back more to the sport, Daniel put on what was Australia’s first Hunting Fishing and Guiding expo over ten years ago which quickly grew to a huge Bi annual event.

The magazine has generously donated to various charities over the years, including a large sum to CIKA Foundation (Cancer in Kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital), as a result of the charity dinners it conducted in conjunction with the Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures; Hunting and Guiding Expo held at Bendigo in 2012, 2014 & 2016.

Daniel Burke – Publisher

Daniel Burke – Publisher

Daniel has been hunting deer since he was old enough to keep up with his dad. Daniel looks after the Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures Magazine among other things, he started the magazine over 15 years ago at a time when he believed deer hunters needed to stand up and be counted. Daniel works for Southern Colour, one of Australia’s finest offset printers and also runs a company called Wild Deer Management – Vermin and Pest Animal control along with publishing the Wild Deer Hunting and Adventures magazine.

You can contact Daniel via email daniel@wilddeer.com.au

Wild Bob – Editor

Wild Bob – Editor

As Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures Magazine Editor for 15 years the aim has been to see the full inclusion of females along with the encouragement and education of kids into our wonderful way of life in the Australian bush.

Proud member of the Australian Deer Association, Victorian Hound Hunters (inc.) and the Sporting Shooters association of Australian. Hopeful of having motivated the deer hunting community to support these organisation as they represent us in the continuing fight for the survival of sustainable deer numbers and hunting opportunities in Australia.

Past positions:
A.D.A. Melbourne branch Properties Officer
A.D.A. Westernport branch Properties officer
A.D.A. Accredited Douglas score Measurer
A.D.A. National Postal Officer for Australian Deer Magazine
A.D.A. National Editorial Panel
A.D.A. National photographic judging Panel
Victorian Hound Hunters Measurer

Commenced firearm use and hunting education at 10 years of age under the direction of father and grandfather. After marriage acquired two staghounds for the hunting of rabbits, foxes and longtails. Bitten by the ‘Sambar Deer Hunting Virus’ which has passed on to son and grandsons and fifty years later sees Robert following his passion of hunting sambar deer over scent trailing hounds 2-3 days each week. The rest of the year is spent walking up sambar.

Hunting of all Australian species of deer as well as trips to New Zealand and Canada in pursuit of exotic animals.

You can contact Bob via email editor@wilddeer.com.au

Beth (Large)

Bethanie Nicholls – Social & Digital Media Manager

I was introduced to deer hunting in my mid 20s, and I found that deer hunting is for everyone who enjoys nature and is patient enough to learn a tough skill dating back into our ancestral backgrounds.

I love it, some may say I am addicted to it. Making me feel more alive and happy than any other pastime I have ever done enjoying nature with purpose – to bring meat home to your family is gratifying on a deep level and feel like a provider.

I want to be an advocate for those just starting out, or wanting to develop and also encourage the wives and partners who have always sat on the sidelines to give it a go. Join us. You might be surprised what adventures you find.


Peter Burke – Field Editor

Peter was born to hunt. At the age of eight he learnt the art of rabbit trapping. At age 10 he was let loose on the local rabbit population with a single shot .22. At 19 years of age in 1970 along with his big brother Wild Bob, he was drawn to deer hunting. He is still hunting deer with a passion that cannot be quenched and has lost count of how much time he spends hunting.

He has a long history of active involvement in research and game management projects on hog deer and sambar deer. Peter has also contributed as chairman of the Australian Deer Research Foundation and as a past member of the then Victorian Minister for Conservation Deer Advisory Council. He was also an Australian Deer Association spokes person and political representative as well as a delegate to the Victorian Shooting Sports council.

The publication of his work on identifying food plants utilized by sambar was one of the first steps into the world of writing about deer and deer hunting. To date in excess of 80 articles as well as his book Quiet Foot Steps have been published. Peter believes hunters have a story to tell and he takes pleasure in seeing the development of new writers who bring their own individual style to quality hunting publications such as Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures as well as the Australian Deer magazine.

The future of deer hunting will as it has always been be decided by politicians. Like it or not they have the power to support or abolish recreational hunting. This is why he is a firm believer in hunters being politically active by joining and contributing to a hunting organization that works for the deer and the future of deer hunting.

Josh Rafin

Josh Rafin – Field Editor

With a loyal gundog by my side, I started hunting small game with a shotgun. I eventually broadened my interests in the hunting world through the exploration of the local deer that frequent the South Coast escarpment and honed my skills chasing the weary Rusa. With competing interests in competitive clay target, small game and gundogs, the pursuit of “Big Game” eventually became front of mind, although I still enjoy an afternoon hunting over a good pointer or pack. I am passionate about the pursuit of wild animals in their natural habitat and I truly believe that time in the outdoors is one of the last simple pleasures in life free from the stresses of a modern, fast paced world. By the age of 30 I had taken the South Pacific Slam, as well as a number of North American and other overseas big game animals.

I am all about the experience as much as I am for the wild animals that call those far off places their homes. I have a strong interest in travel, firearms, taxidermy, wilderness/backpack hunting, and deer in general. I hold committee positions with Precision Rifle NSW Inc, New South Wales Deerstalkers Association, I was trained in the Douglas Score system by Bruce Banwell and am currently involved in multiple deer management programs. My goal has always been to cover a broad range of topics which naturally focus heavily on the pursuit of wild animals.

Gerard Abrams

Gerard Abrams – Field Editor

Thirty-five years ago, I watched the stroke of a red pen decimate my incomprehensible sentences as I tried to capture the adventures. My love for being out in the mountains has never been stronger.

I write from the heart to share those experiences. It’s hard to believe I started my working life as an accountant because I don’t have many credits in the bank. I have been spending those funds as quickly as they come in, my entire life, but I have accumulated a mind full of amazing savings. I work very hard as I know this provides me with the funds to go hunting at any opportunity. Hunting is my excuse to get out there into the back blocks to fuel my Spirit’s craving for adventure making my dream come true.

I hope everyone enjoys the read and becomes inspired to live their dream.

Aaron Grant – Field Editor

I was fortunate to grow up in a family where my father hunted and fished. As well as growing up in an area where one of Australia’s heritage deer herds reside, “the South Coast Rusa”. This circumstance was the foundation for me to publish a factual book on the Rusa. After a lifetime of observing and hunting the local Rusa herd and 5 years writing and researching, The Rusa book was published. The Rusa book was my way of getting some real factual, historical information out whilst we are in a time of political and agenda motivated decisions in this country. Deer and hunting are in a very precarious space currently and requires motivated, factual support from our community if our cultural heritage lifestyle is going to be carried on in generations to come.

I have also spent my fair share of time in the back country and a top mountains, chasing wild game, at home here in Australia and around the world. I have invited the readers of “Wild Deer and Hunting Adventure Magazine” along on some of these adventures, recounting the experience in articles for the magazine over the years. With more experiences and insights to come!

chris website (Large)

Chris McCarthy – Field Editor

Since 2007 Chris McCarthy has had a strong association with Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures magazine; supplying articles such as the ‘Alpine Hunting Tips’ series and also articles about hunting adventures in New Zealand with his clients. Chris has also published articles with Daniel about his experiences guiding clients in Canada and the top end of Australia.

Chris is an executive member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Assn and has been hunting in the New Zealand mountains for over 20 years. For five years he held the portfolio of membership officer with the NZPHGA and is now currently the editor of the NZPHGA internal magazine ‘The Scope.’ Chris and Bronwyn have owned and operated Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris since December 2006.

‘What has been most pleasing for me about my association with Daniel and the Wild Deer team is that many of my Australian hunting clients have returned home from a successful hunt and written an article about their hunt which they have sent in to Daniel for publication.

I’ve hunted once with Wild Bob – Editor, back in 2008, Daniel – Publisher, in 2017 and in 2019 Peter Burke – Field Editor accompanied one of his friends on an Otago Red Stag hunt on which we just so happened to take our greatest Otago stag of all time.

Since 2014 Lake Hawea Hunting safaris is proud to have donated a 2×1 wilderness Tahr hunt annually, as the major prize for best story published in the magazine.’

Website: Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

Emma Sears – Field Editor

I have been hunting on my family’s property since I was old to remember. I would walk along behind my dad chasing foxes and other vermin. In my later teens I was introduced to Sambar deer hunting which has turned into a bit of an addiction.

My nursing career has led me into many different roles from Emergency nursing working in hospitals and working fly in fly out in Rescue/firefighting/security roles. This has given me the possibility to purse hunting adventures in some of the world’s most pristine, vast and rugged wilderness areas.

I am strongly affiliated with Prois hunting apparel and thoroughly enjoy promoting women in the outdoors. I gain a lot of enjoyment from not only the hunt in general but it’s the incidental aspects of hunting that I also really enjoy. It’s the photography opportunities, it’s the ability to experience wild and untouched parts of the world and things other people never to get to witness

Murray Thomas (Large)

Murray Thomas – Field Editor

The bond and respect that is nurtured between hunters when slinging a pack over a shoulder and heading into the mountains exploring, hunting and surviving together is a special thing! The skills learnt place you way apart from the average person on the street. Watching out for each other, lugging that extra item for numerous hours to surprise a friend. Cooking in the bush and mountains on hands and knees. Trying to struggle into a sleeping bag with cuts and bruises, aching bones and muscles after helping each other up through treacherous places all daylong. Weathering consecutive days and nights of atrocious weather and potential life threatening storms. Sharing out equipment that ultimately provides comfort and potentially save lives. The wonderful joy of leading a hunter, to see a tremendous, handsome animal, then offering your companion the opportunity to claim it for his own, when no one else can share that unique sight or that personal and shared thrill! These are just some of the special enduring moments that only a true hunter, experiences in the wilds.

billy molls

Billy Molls – Field Editor

Alaska Hunting Guide/Outfitter, Outdoor Writer, Producer of The Modern Day Mountain Man documentary series and Public Speaker.

For the past 22 years Billy has lived as many as 160 days of the year in the remote bush of Alaska while guiding big game hunters for brown bear, grizzly bear, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and wolf. With camera in hand, he has filmed and photographed every one of his Alaskan hunting adventures through his Modern Day Mountain Man documentary series. Having lived more than eight years of his life out of a tent in the wilderness, Billy is a master storyteller, and all things Alaska. For more information go to www.billymollsadventures.com.