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Hunting stories from across the globe, there will be something for everyone in this Wild Deer issue!

  • Feature story Swazi Rifleman jacket winner is by Jake Radnidge with story about his quest for a Rusa trophy
  • Front cover shot is a spectacular up close photo of a trophy Chital stag taken by @twinelements

Brad Tuck’s story about how he was lucky enough to draw first period in the 2022 Hog Deer ballot and harvested a lovely trophy.


Not the average weekend for Brock Hastings when he manages to take a hard velvet sambar stag


Mitch Wilson – Ross will remember this years fallow rut.


Katie Smithwick’s journey as a hunter is explained in detail in this issue and what motivate a young lady to do what she does


If your keen on experiencing next years Red deer rut in all it’s glory then you need to read Aaron Grants Red Stag Rampage article in this issue and book a hunt, you wont regret it!


Chris Halford’s Trojans of the basalt article will have you keen to head north to chase Chital as soon as you can get on a plane


When keen sambar hunter Jarvis Prior had to travel to NSW for work he managed to take a huge Red stag, we all need a job like that.


Josh Hastings goes on a backpack hunt with brother Brock and Mate Wilson and shoots a giant Sambar stag, one trip he is never going to forget.


Maddison Braumann was super excited about her first hound hunt for the season with younger sister and brother where they shoot a nice young stag


Ricky Fahey is a real inspiration to everyone, this issue he goes through the equipment he uses to hunt out of his wheelchair.


Young Thomas Natoli heads to the Top of the lake to successfully hunt Tahr and Chamois


Daniel Crimp, son of the great Daryl Crimp takes us on a NZ Alpine solo hunt for a mixed bag of trophies


Erich Muller hunts Ibex in Sudan on a mountain hunt thats got its challenges.


Sweet Potato Venison Carbonara is the recipe Cam Barrett cooks up for us in issue 96


This issue we start to cover “Game Animals of the World” and our animal this issue is the The North American Bison.

All this and more in Issue 96 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your copy today!!

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