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Hunting stories from across the globe, there will be something for everyone in this Wild Deer Magazine!

    • Feature story winner is by Rory Bluett Boyd with story about his Snake Island ballot hog deer trophy
    • Front cover shot is a spectacular up close photo of a mature red stag taken by Gary Innis

    Mel Gray takes her PB local fallow buck

    Makai Wagstaff shoots his first rusa stag

    Sam Barret tells us how you never forget your first, a neat QLD red stag

    2021 Story Comp winner “Russ Cornall” takes us on a back pack hunt and shares his ethics on doing it properly

    Dean Wheeler long time contributor to Wild Deer gives us a run down on his Spotted Obsession hunt

    Jack Wilson still manages a smile after his sambar stag took a tumble off a ledge

    Joel Kiddle knows more challenges than most of us, here he shares his first deer trophy experience which can also be viewed on Youtube

    Nathan Baldwin shoots a cracking red stag in a hunt he will never forget

    Wait till you see the weight in Cory Gates’s sambar stag from the far east!

    Lily Hipwell’s plan comes together for her and she takes a lovely fallow buck

    We pay our respects to “The General” Robert Maggs, told by Pat Stratton

    Gary Innis goes through some of the more important details on making the shot on Big Otago reds

    Erich Mueller takes us hunting for the Turkey Bezoar (ibex)

    Venison Tagine is the recipe Trent Raymond cooks up for us

    This issue we start to cover “Game Animals of the World” and our first animal we cover is the Mountain Lion.

    All this and more in Issue 95 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your copy today!!

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