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    • Feature story Swazi Rifleman jacket winner is by Jack Oliver with story about his access to private property and a really handy fallow buck.
    • Front cover shot is a spectacular photo of a red stag taken by Steve Couper

    Mel Gray fills us in on her August sambar trophy

    Aaron and Tex, a story about a man and his GSP on a fallow hunt
    Laura Haulman and husband to be have to make a decision, “Do we plan this wedding or do they go on a hunting trip instead
    Ethan Cook’s Hound story where he shoots a 30 inch model.
    John Ralley takes us on his hunting adventure – from field to fine food show
    Bradley Smith tells us why it pays to go back
    Stags of Origin is a detailed history of the South Coast rusa heard and some fine trophies by the rusa legend himself Dean Pana
    Luke Milnes Uber stag is a cracker and a great story
    Young Owen Robson tells us about his first stag (Buck) it’s OK he’s Tasmanian
    A guy with his buffalo show with a bow by Robbo
    David Berner write about good mate James’ dream
    Sally Evans gives us an insight into hunting and gathering Kiwi style
    Erich Muller takes on a Moroccan Aoudad hunt in testing conditions
    Lawson White gives us his recipes for Dry aged sambar backstrap venison jerky for us in issue 104

    All this and more in Issue 104 of Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine, grab your copy today!!

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Thank you to all our contributors, keep them coming, and most importantly – Have a great hunt!

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