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Inox MX6 15g Grease


INOX MX6 is a smooth light tan grease made from polyalphaolafins and a special bentone thickner. It contains additives to protect against corrosion and oxidation. It has a temperature range of -30 C to an extremely high temperature.

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• INOX MX6 holds the NSF, class H1 food grade approval.
• INOX MX6 is a synthetic extreme pressure grease containing bentone, PTFE and polyalphaolafins.
• INOX MX6 will work at high temps and has excellent resistance to water washout.
• INOX MX6 is highly suitable for all bearings, bushes, chains, hinges, sprockets, slides, splines & couplings, universals and ball joints.
• Rubber and O-ring grease