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Thai venison salad


• 250 GM of eye fillet or backstrap.
• pinch of salt and pepper.
• 1 Tbs of oil, for salad.
• half red and green capsicum.
• half carrot.
• 1/4 of cucumber and hand full of rocket, you can also add mango or avocado to it.


• 1/4 tsp of garlic and ginger.
• 3 Tbs of sweet soy.
• 1 Tbs honey.
• 2 Tbs of sweet chilli.
• 1Tbs brown sugar, mix all together and zap in micro wave for 20 seconds on high.


1. Make sure meat is clean, sprinkle with salt and pepper,
2. Hear oil in pan and venison when hot seal all sides,
3. Place venison on tray put in pre heated oven for 5 to 10 min,
4. Mean while slice all your salad stuff fi nely and mix together,
5. Pull venison out rest for 5 minutes,
6. Slice meat thinly and place onto of salad mix,
7. Drizzle dressing over meat and salad, ready to eat.

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