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Topped venison mignon


• 1 eye fi llet piece
• 1 rash bacon
• Pinch salt and pepper
• 2 toothpicks


• 2 tbs Ricotta cheese
• 10 baby spinach leaves
• 4 sundried tomatoe


1. Season eye fi llet with salt and pepper
2. Wrap bacon around eye fi llet a place toothpicks in the sides to hold bacon on
3. Heat webber. Once hot place eye fi llet on cook each side for 1 min.
4. Take off heat.
5. Chop and mix all topping ingredients together.
6. Place topping mix ontop of eyefi llet and place back in webber or oven for couple min until topping to warm.
7. Serve and eat

If you dont have a webber. Use a pan to cook meat then place in oven to heat topping.

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